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Indiana BPA: Communication Update-COVID-19 Virus, Operations, and National Deadlines

Dear Indiana BPA Members:

As many of you know we were among some of the states that were able to complete our annual State Leadership Conference before recent health concerns (COVID-19) began to affect so many of our daily operations. First, thank you advisors, members, and volunteers for all your help in allowing us to have a very successful conference. Second, I am so proud of our membership as they absorbed facts and used that information to make good sound decisions as we concluded our event.

We have received word last week that the National BPA organization has reached a decision to cancel the upcoming National Leadership Conference. This decision was not reached with out heavy heart. As many of our members continue to look forward to their BPA experience through networking, Torch, Officer Elections, and BPA Cares; please note that the national office is making decisions daily on how this will be carried out.

The State Advisor Advisory Council (SAAC) will be meeting with National BPA to discuss how these options will be carried and allow membership to participate and remain engaged for the remaining portions of the academic year. I will provide details once available. Finally, our SLC survey will be available later today (3/19). Please take time to share with your membership and provide us with much needed information as we will begin planning for SLC 2021 in the next few weeks. If Indiana BPA can be of any help during these uncharted waters, please do not hesitate to reach out to me direct at jason.hendrickson@indianabpa.org, or 317-626-8730. I wish nothing but healthy weeks to come as we all deal with this health crisis in the upcoming weeks.

Below you will find some helpful information from Janna Neyenhaus, National Parliamentarian (copied from Janna’s email):

Following the announcement made on Friday, March 13, the National Officer Team quickly came together and held a meeting to discuss some of the ongoing programs and initiatives within BPA and address a number of questions that we have received. As a result of that meeting, we would like to announce the following deadline extensions to current BPA programs so that our members can still take advantage of them this membership year. We ask for your help in sharing this information out with each of your state’s chapters.

Program Details
May 1 Ambassador
Torch Awards
The National Officer Team continues to actively review Ambassador Torch Award submissions. We still encourage members to submit their résumés early so that they can be reviewed, and still offer time for updates if there are any that are needed.
May 1 BPA Cares The deadlines for Service Awards and Special Recognition Awards have both been EXTENDED to May 1st. However, the deadline for the Professional Awards will NOT be extended, as the deadline has already passed.
May 1 Scholarships The deadline for all scholarship applications has been EXTENDED. We encourage members to submit their application for any scholarship they are eligible for.

National Officer Application and Elections – Any member interested in running for National Office for the 2020-2021 Membership Year must submit their application by April 1st. Only the online application is due on April 1. Candidates will be notified when other items are due. We understand it may be difficult to obtain items like transcripts or letters of recommendation at this time. The Director of Leadership Development does however, recommend completing as much of the National Officer Candidate checklist as possible. The checklist can be found in the National Officer Candidate handbook located at https://bpa.org/nlc/highlights/national-officer-elections/run-for-national-office/. Additional updates will be shared as more information becomes available.

National Officer Elections – The National BPA Board of Trustees is currently reviewing existing governing documents as well as policies and procedures, in order to execute the National Officer Elections. Further information will be shared with the State Associations as it becomes available.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award - The deadline for the PVSA will NOT be extended as the deadline has already passed.

Please note that information is subject to change at the discretion of the National Board of Trustees and/or National Center Staff. Any updates or changes to these or other BPA programs and services will be shared through the new Resource Center established online at: www.bpa.org/nlc/covid19. We encourage you and your members to check back to this website often. In addition, we encourage everyone to pay attention to information and announcements disseminated through the National BPA social media platforms. 

Business Professionals of America is a strong organization with so many incredible members and we are honored to serve as your National Officer Team. It is our intention to continue celebrating and recognizing our members and their successes moving forward as BPA is a year-round organization. The National Officer Team would like to thank each and every one of our members for their patience and understanding during this time. We are here to serve and support.

Jason Hendrickson, State Advisor
PO Box 912
Huntington, IN 46750