SLC Registration Deadline

The Middle Level SLC registration deadline will be Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

Middle Level FAQ

(Download FAQ here.)

Q: Do advisors have to register as a member?
A: Yes, you register with the division that you advise. However, if you have more than one chapter, only register with one chapter. All registration can be done through the MRS sys- tem at
Q: When does my membership need to be paid by?
A: Members need to be registered by December 1. National dues are $10, state dues are $7.
Q: Do I send my membership to anyone?
A: After you submit your membership to the National Center, print a copy and mail it to Debbie Darnell, PO Box 912, Huntington, IN 46750 with the $7 per member.
Q: When is the State Leadership Conference for ML?
A: ML SLC will be Sunday, March 8. We will begin registration at 8:15 and the opening session will begin at 9:00 am. We should conclude before 5:00 pm.
Q: Are there any fees for the State Leadership Conference?
A: The fee for the ML SLC is $25. Each student will receive a t-shirt. Chaperones do not have to pay the conference fees nor will they receive a t-shirt.
Q: How do I prepare my students for SLC?
A: Regional tests will be sent out via email to all registered ML chapters once the exams are received from the National Center. They should be available the first week of October.
Q: How many chaperones will I need for SLC?
A: You will need 1 chaperone for every 7 students you take to SLC. Advisors will be grading or administering events and won’t be able to take students to the mall, out for lunch, etc.
Q: How many events can students enter?
A: Students can enter two events, only one can be a team event. (Only one team per event per chapter.) Virtual events do not count towards your two event limit.
Q: How many students can I enter in an event?
A: You may enter as many students as you would like for all events except Prepared Speech and Extemporaneous Speech. For chapters with 1-20 members, you may enter 3 contestants, for chapters with 21-35 members, you may enter 4 contestants, for chapters with 36-50 members you may enter 5 contestants, for chapters with members over 51, you may enter 6 contestants.
Q: How many students advance to the National Leadership Conference?
A: The top 2 teams, the top 3 students in judged events, the top 5 students in individual events, advance to the National Leadership Conference.
Q: Is there a dress code for SLC?
A: Yes, we follow the same dress code as the secondary division located at
Q: Can ML Chapters participate in BPA Cares and the Torch Awards Program?
A: Yes! Chapters and/or students can be recognized at SLC and/or NLC.
Q: My chapter is not planning on attending NLC. Can they still compete at SLC?
A: Yes! Please be prepared to report after the Awards Session if students are planning on attending NLC or not. We will meet briefly and call out each students’ name and they will state if they are attending NLC. This allows us to move up a student so we have a full delegation for NLC from Indiana.